Drumming Circle

There is a magic within a drumming circle, a vortex of energy is created by all who are within the circle.


A Selection of my own drums.






Benefits of the drumming circle

The rhythm and beats are a form of meditation it changes the brain waves to release stress and anxiety, relaxing us and bringing us back into the present.  It connects us to our senses of touch and hearing. It opens our heart space and allows us to listen with our inner ear to our own intuition, to be in the pause between the breaths where creation is forged. This creation is our connection to ourselves.

Why create sacred space?

The circle is created as a sacred space. The space is cleansed with sound, smoke and water. Each of us are cleansed prior to entering.  Sacred space is of the utmost importance and is crucial to any healing space whether I was practising a crystal healing or facilitating a drumming circle. Both are an act of being sacred. Sacred is being in a clear space where all are cleansed and grounded, this allows the distractions and disparate energies to be outside the space. To be able to discern the truth from the white noise of society and our preoccupations, sacred space is required.  We are also sacred within that space all the way down to the space between our cells and the water in our body.

Masaru Emoto created frozen water crystals from water that was blessed either from words or prayer or mantras. These crystals formed shapes and patterns that were unique and beautiful and symmetrical. When the same water was frozen but with words of hate or disgust they formed misshapen, unsymmetrical shapes. Therefore to create a sacred space we  connect to our uniqueness in its most beautiful form. We do need to carry that out with us into every day life, but for this moment in time, a monthly time this space is created for all to experience.

Prayer By Masaru Emoto








Calling in the directions

I do call in the directions and to some this may seem ritualistic or even religious and they may get concerned about the process. That is fine you can abstain if need be. It’s like when you go to yoga and some people abstain from chanting Om.  That is fine. I call in the directions as many circles before me have. Different formats and influences but all carry the same energy. We are at the centre of our own medicine wheel looking out. Calling in the directions calls the beneficial energies to enable us to look within. Each direction has a unique perspective and as we spiral around ours through our whole lifetime the perspective teaches us more and more about our selves. I have been shown many formats of this from a variety of cultures who share their knowledge. These teachers have shared their knowledge so that we can all start to remember and create our own ways. Then knowledge can turn into wisdom through experience and knowing.  This is my way of honouring those teachings by sharing with all in the circle.


Sharing is important. Speaking up and sharing is important. You won’t find references to what is spoken about within these circles outside that space. It is all confidential. Everyone is a witness to what is spoken and what is spoken is from the heart to source. It helps others find resonation and similarities between them, it can take a problem down a different perspective that assists the person next to you have an AHA moment. Speaking out loud is crucial. We all can live in our heads but to find the words to share allows our spirit to fly and be seen. Allowing our wings to open, our senses to shine.


Speak by Fiaz Ahmed Fiaz









There is no experience necessary, drumming is a form of speaking out loud through a beat and rhythm. It’s dropping into your heart space and going for it. Following the beat and then allowing your own to manifest and carry you along. Drumming in a circle has a different energy to when you are on your own. The circle and other drums start to sing together creating a vortex of energy. Each beat melding into the next one. Sometimes this beat is lost and chaos happens that can either be its time to stop or time to find another beat. A transition has occurred, so don’t ever be worried about missing the beat.

The Circle

The circle allows each person to be equal and speak to source directly. I am only the circle keeper who brings the theme and holds the space. A circle is a magical shape as it manifests each individual within to be part of the whole and e the whole. It centres energy and radiates energy out equally. Circles can touch each other in the magic of source. They can be large or small and carry the same energy.

I hold a  two monthly Drumming Circles

First Tuesday of the Month at Tudor House Holistic Centre in Stafford. Starting at 19.30 till 21.00.

Second Tuesday of the Month at Heavenly Treasures at 157 Avon Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1LF, UK. Starting at 19.30 till 21.30.

Both cost £10.00 per person.

Come along and join in everyone most welcome who are over 12 years of age. No experience required and drums can be borrowed.