To Cosmic Crystal the website of Clare Cartwright. I am a Holistic Practitioner that offers professional therapies in crystal healing, emotional freedom technique, balance procedure and Indian head massage.


All the therapies are holistic in nature. This holistic approach works with the mind body and spirit bringing balance by releasing, energising or just tweaking the human energy field. Holistically it takes account of all elements of the person… More about Therapies

About me

I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years, gaining a diploma in Phytotherapy  in conjunction with self study of many subjects for my own interest.  My journey with crystal healing started with an introductory course… More about me


If you are interested in additional information, would like to become more familiar with holistic therapies or you just want to leave a comment please use my contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible!

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  • Reiki – How to practise & share Reiki when ill.

    PREVIOUS|MASTER|NEXT Thank you wrangler Joy Vernon. From a practical point of view as we are human beings and viruses & bacteria love to spread, I do think that when you have a cold, flu, impetigo, foot & mouth (it does exists for humans) or other spreadable illness then keeping clients… Read More

  • Full Moon Mandala Meditation – 30th April 2018

    Its the eve of Beltane. The full moon is on this eve, summer is just around the corner. However there is a cool wind. I am a gardener, I grow vegetables amongst other things and over the many years I have done this, the one thing I have learnt is… Read More

  • Full Moon Mandala Meditation – 31st March 2018

    This is the second full moon of March, so is a blue moon. Always when working towards creating a mandala for a specific event I become aware of signs and symbols. A few weeks ago I noticed a video of a dance of the orbit of Earth & Venus around… Read More