Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is one probably one of the oldest healing modalities and it has no boundaries across the globe. There are many similar ideas and practises that are commonly found worldwide. One of the common themes is that the shamanic view of illness whether physical, emotional or mental is due to a spiritual or energetic loss or intrusion. The aim of a shamanic practitioner is to create balance and bring about wholeness through removing an intrusion or retrieving a loss.

I had the honour of learning my shamanic techniques from a beautiful lady Jeannie Rogers. This is from a Peruvian lineage.

The techniques involved are to journey with or for the client to their spirit self to bring about the wholeness required at that time. This could involve removing an intrusion, retrieving a power or soul loss or facilitating a healing on the spirit self. Within a shamanic healing session I would be working with my tools which are drum, rattle, bell, smudging scents, plants, flowers, stones, crystals, feathers or seeds and connecting with my power animals and spirit helpers to facilitate what is required for the client at that time. It could involve any one of, a combination or all of the following.



Intrusions – these can be in many different forms and can be from any time. There is no time within the spirit realm. It can be from a past life or present life. The source can be from ourselves as thoughts, emotions or from others or from experiences and places. The intrusions are respectfully removed and the space filled with healing energy to achieve the wholeness and rebalance.

Power Loss – any emotional, stressful experience may cause a power loss. On a journey for the client a power is retrieved and returned to the client. As with intrusions this may have been carried through time from past life’s or be something that has been forgotten through the mists of time in this lifetime. If you have been feeling lost, sad, depressed, suffering from PTSD, or have a physical ailment it may be due to a power being lost.

Soul Loss – this may occur due to a severe life occurrence such as grief, war, severe illness, loss of job, divorce or other life event. It may be caused by long term stress. There may be a sense of emptiness or flatness. This may be a part of your soul that is lost. On the journey this soul part is returned to create a sense of peace and wholeness.

During the session the client will be in a relaxed environment and may sense different images, colours, memories or sensations. There may be periods where I will guide you through a journey or meditation and other times it will be just the sounds of the room. This is to allow the deep relaxation to facilitate the healing process.

After the session there will be a time of reflection and feedback, were we can discuss what has occurred and what other guidance has been given for the client to take with them for their own self development.

Full Session up to 2 hours – £50.

Full Distant Session – £40 – this can be appointed at a time & day to suit you. 

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