Reiki & religion

15th July 2016


Reiki, Spirituality & Religion

Thank you to the wrangler Joy Vernon.

Mainstream religion is not part of my personal make up. My background was not to be indoctrinated into a religion. It was to be my choice at a later date. The only involvement was within what was happening in the society or as part of what the family traditionally celebrates, which you may say is an influence.

Therefore part of my thinking on religion is that I have never really joined anything especially if it has a rule book; that deters me greatly. However I do have spiritual leanings. The closest would be a mix of quantum physics, Buddhism and paganism, with a dash of lots of others. A worldly mix of philosophies. Its basis being self-responsibility.

How does reiki fit in with this? It fits in very easily; the principles of reiki are what I delve into myself to improve. The reiki energy is a universal energy with no boundaries or constraints. As a Sikh guru once said to me, it does not matter what religion you are because that is just the face, so people are at ease with it. It all comes from one source anyways. That fits nicely with me as most of the time I am a duck out of water with the rest of society and the moral code. I am a facilitator only of the reiki energy. How it works through me for each client is individual and the feedback can sometimes have the images of their religions, for example sometimes Shiva pops up for one client.  I live and work within a multi-cultural society and many of my clients cover most mainstream religions and the feedback I have from them is always positive.

That is why I love the mix of Britain. I am white British, born in Africa, working with a Japanese healing technique, on for example a Sikh gentleman who honours a Hindu god. This shows the unity of energies, the worldly wise nature of being connected and the reason to share and to communicate.





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