Full Moon Mandala Meditation – 28th June 2018

29th June 2018

Wow, this is a challenging full moon. Full moon in Capricorn. There is been some butting of heads. It brings the notion of standing in your own power and speaking from your own principles. This may be different to others point of view and that is okay. Having different opinions is okay. Are your opinions based on your own truth? I have found in the past people are quick to judge opinions & comments and to justify their stance they put you in a box and then allow themselves to call you names. We are all different, have differing life experiences and viewpoints. Being challenged is okay, when name calling is omitted. It allows you to reflect on how you have come to be. We face challenges each day small ones to big ones. When we are in a positive frame of mind, our energy levels are good, we are happy and calm challenges are easy, we relish them and take them on a life lessons. The challenge comes when we are at a low point, tired and flat.

The mandala this month is inspired by the beautiful energies I felt at the recent Solstice. The ceremony I was involved in brought togetherness, friendship and love. This energy felt like it had gone round the world touching everyone & the world like we were family. The day coincided with World Refugee day and their was realisation that as humans we are all family. Common ancestors and shared consciousness.  The mandala is a reflection of the sun and its rays reaching out to everyone. We & everything rely on the sun’s energy to be alive.  The quartz outer circle represents the solar rays numbering twelve to reflect the twelve solar months. The inner circle is of rose quartz to enhance the love around the world. Then the inner crystal is golden healer. A brilliant crystal to bring healing.



The goddess card this month is the Sphinx.



With gracious thanks for the artwork and inspiration to ‘The Goddess Oracle’ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto.

The sphinx in the goddess card is for Challenge which seems very fitting for the full moon energies. How do we face challenges with grace and humility. Maybe not sometimes, especially if are energy levels are stressed, therefore it is important for us to nurture ourselves each day to feed our subtle bodies. When the aura is full of light, our meridians and chakras are flowing and not stuck, challenges become wisdom makers. The sun reminds us of that, to soak in the rays & raise our energy levels so we can pass on love and peace.

We also have a duty to hold our space. to be able to face our own challenges and not judge the challenges that others may face as we have not walked in their shoes. Plus only take on our own challenges, otherwise we may dis-empower someone else’s wisdom and stretch ourselves thin.

Keep our subtle bodies healthy.

Enjoy x