Full Moon Mandala Meditation – 26th August 2018

27th August 2018

Hello and welcome to this month’s full moon mandala meditation.

The goddess for this month’s full moon is Lakshmi. A Hindu goddess of fortune, wealth, prosperity and beauty. She is usually seen with elephants and the lotus flower. The elephants to me, signify strength, family, removal of obstacles similar to Ganesh, communication and love. The lotus flower is spiritual growth by working through your muck to reach for the light and to be your unique self. We struggle to be unique through fear, trying to fit in, be accepted, but who we need to be is who we are. We also look for what we do not have.

As I have a young son and when asked are we rich or poor? I say rich..we may not have a lot of money, but we are comfortable and with time can afford what we want. We are rich in love even though we have experienced sadness. We are rich in family even though we have lost family. We are rich in experiences as we see the beauty around us and the simple things such as sharing time with friends brings us joy. We are rich as we laugh. We are rich as we are healthy and when we are not we can help each there through those times.



With gracious thanks for the artwork and inspiration to ‘The Goddess Oracle’ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto.

The mandala was created with the number 8 as inspiration. the number 8 is abundance and wealth a balance of as above so below, meeting in the heart chakra. The crystals and stones are Chrysocolla in the centre. This is a large piece that I have placed in the family room, it instills peace and calm and brings communication and love to the family, allows the space to be a family. Therefore focus on what is family to you. The radiating star points are beach stones and chrysocolla creating a symbol of water and the sea. Many cultures saw the sea as abundance as the could live comfortably with what was gifted by the sea. The 8 is created by quartz tumble stones.



Tune into the mandala via the photo.

Here is the video of the meditation for you all to follow.