Musings Of The Spine Of Albion

28th March 2022


The Spine of Albion is a leyline that travels from the South of Britain to the North. From the Isle of Wight to Balnekiel in Scotland. It is formed by a pair of Dragon lines named Belinus and Elen. The dowsing and discovery of this Ley is down to Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare and is described beautifully in their book. I am no expert on leylines but have had a fascination for them and the land itself. I had a question a long time ago ‘how can I positively assist the Earth?’ I can be green, recycle, invest in ethical companies, buy locally, grow my own veg etc, I also have a fascination with sacred sites and have visited many across this land, Europe and other parts of the world. I am also an holistic practitioner so this all tied into a solution, I could assist the land through honouring our connection to it through sacred sites and ley lines locally to me. Start to recognise them where I live, go and visit, celebrate them, leave blessings and prayers. Then I relocated, moved back to Staffordshire where I had lived as a child growing up. My ancestors are from these parts too and I had researched my family history, the roots of who I am,  researching to find the connections to places within those branches that delve back in time. What are our roots?  Where are the local sacred sites and how are they connected. Then I came across this book and the spine of Albion  travels close by, so these are my musings on honouring the land through sacred places.

These are a collection of my visits and stories along Belinus and Elen.