Linden Tree or The Lime Tree

2nd January 2018

The Linden tree is the tree over seeing my year of 2018. I am looking forward to 2018 as it is my numerological birth year plus being an 11, the master builder or creator year.

Therefore to start the year off I am looking into the Linden tree to see what she offers. I have always liked the Lime tree, my first encounter being the see through beautifully shaped leaves as a child, then the discovery of the flowers as a calming tea. The flowers small and delicate but bring great relief from colds and anxiety.


The aphids love the sweet, sweet sap and if you have ever wondered what the sticky stiff was on your car when parked under a lime in the summer it is aphid poo. Their food being the sweet, sweet sap. This being for me down a Victorian old street of the city, where you will find Lime trees as they were greatly planted in the cities.
In Baltic States and Germany the trees are planted in the towns and cities as places to discuss, counsel and meet. In the squares and streets to bear witness to the truth and justice. In Berlin there is a street named after them Unter den Linden, a street I have visited many times due to friends living in Berlin, but I also took note of the name ‘Linden’ as I know that to be the Lime.

The tree is the national emblem of Czech Rebublic, Slovakia and Slovenia. The word ‘Lipa’ meaning lime has given its name to the month of June (Croatian – lipani) and July (Polish – lipiec) and is the root name for Leipzig, which again I have friends, so maybe a visit to here is called for this year to find some Linden trees.

In Poland a honey is made from the flowers, so that is my next discovery to obtain some to taste through the year, to delve into its mystery. I wonder if it has a calming effect and what a lovely addition to a tea made from the same flowers.


It’s also the lovers’ tree so is significant for loyalty, friendship and love. How will these energies be for me this year? Is the lovers mean fertility? Where should I be planting my seeds?

It has a beautiful sacredness and gentleness and companionship energy about it on first discovering its cultural and herbal qualities. On first inspection are these the qualities I need to forge within myself to be gentle, be a companion, be calm and relaxed and taste the sweet sap of life.

I will keep you informed of what I discover over the coming year.

Blessings Clare