Magical Numbers

20th July 2015

Master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44

I was asked once why are they master numbers? To tell you the truth I am unsure of the historical significance, but when working with them with crystals there is a different energy. It is more accentuated, opens up pathways and creates transitions. Then I came cross the concept of having master numbers in pairs. These had never popped up for me, so was unsure of why having a pair would be different from working with the master numbers singularly.

Then about 10 months ago I shifted a gear spiritually. My intuition had grown, I was working more closely with guides and things were connecting in so many different ways. A transition had occurred, the door had been opened. Then I started seeing master numbers in pairs whether 11:11, 11:22, 22:22, 22:33 etc. These were found on my mobile clock, digital clock, door numbers in a street. When seen there was a distinct change in the energy around me, it glittered, sparkled, the cosmos was in tune, I was connected, moving forward on my path. I became aware that a gateway, doorway, portal had been traversed. The gateway was me becoming more in tune with the universe and my higher self; I had the creativity to manifest my spiritual onto the physical world. Practically I was living my true path and in that moment I was one with the universe and there was so much love, freedom, significance it was tangible to touch.

Recently this has changed I have questioned my intuition and stripped back to look at my shadow and not been comfortable with what I have found, which has left me vulnerable, but aware of what I need to work on. Throughout this the numbers stilled showed themselves in pairs indicating I was on the right path, even though it is painful.

Blessings Clare.