Roses are Red….

15th June 2017

Over the last few months I have struggled with my self- esteem. A few things have happened which have knocked the stuffing out. There is no reason to ponder as what is done is done. I cannot change the events but I can change who I am or how I respond. Why did my self -esteem come crashing down…possible reason is there is a need of validation from others, that what you do or who you are is okay and when that validation is not there it affects me and likewise all of us. Mistakes, miscommunication are human frailties so why are we so hard on each other, because we need that validation that we are cared for, liked, loved. A small error expands into a massive emotionally eating monster, no wonder there are wars.
Going back to the self. I cannot change the error of my ways as I am human and make mistakes and sometimes people don’t like me because of that or just because and vice versa. Then you get into the spiral of guilt, but discernment of who is not for you is okay, you are tuning into your intuition. The trick is not to judge or lessen them as a fellow human in your mind, but allow the same freedom’s as you expect.


How do you raise your self-esteem? I look for the signs, discern the signs. I have been seeing what grows, what catches my eye and its roses. Pure lovely roses. They are everywhere, the summer sunshine and bit of rain has brought them out in abundance. Yellows with a dash of pink, pink with many, many flowers, deep reds, oranges that glow. The smell is divine.


I have felt their soft petals in my hands, visualised them surrounding me, smelt the bouquet, and tasted the syrup, taken in the colours. I have dried them for offerings, bathed them in oil for my skin and in honey for our pancakes. Worn a rose perfume oil, a brand not in any way harmed anything.









Therefore the answer is love.
I am love
I am loving
I am loved
We all need it. Validation is misleading, we need to love who we are. That does not mean we ignore feedback as a bad experience, harsh words are our mirror to discern the truth of what we need to work on, but not to the detriment of our soul’s blossoming.
As well as roses I have delved into my crystal magic box. Rose quartz is a totally magical love stone, therefore my rose sphere is near my bed to surround me and heal my heart.


rose quartz sphere


Other crystals that I am meditating with are labradorite. It helps protect the sensitive and allows you to ground the spiritual in to the physical. Gives you the space to bring your gifts to light. I am creating the space within to create with the skills I have. Also olivine a beautiful green stone to bring abundance of the heart, to attract the positive, give me confidence and allow any fear’s to subside.


I also was gifted a beautiful pink stone from the soil literally and have been meditating with this as well. Allowing the self to be  nurtured.


Love and blessings to all. Clare x