Reiki & The New Year

15th January 2017


Reiki & the New Year.

Thank you to wrangler Karen Sealey, I have really enjoyed this subject.

The New Year for me is steeped in celebration. Having a Glaswegian father made it so. We celebrated Hogmanay and each year went up there to see family and join in. They did it big style back then wassailing round the houses with our keg of drink. However with a lot of old traditions the celebrations are not so anymore, break down of communities, more insular families possibly the reason.

Some years since these childhood memories I did not celebrate it as much, but before kids we used to take ourselves away into the countryside to a hotel and enjoy some luxury. Then after kids I wanted to bring some of the old traditions back such as making noise, bringing in the coal, opening the doors and a few of my own. The own are where reiki comes into it.

I like to release the old year starting really from Yule, celebrating and giving thanks for what the year has brought even if it brought hard lessons learned or difficult times. Incorporating reiki through my house when I give it a clean like brushing out the year and energies that do not need to be carried through. Working with the intention of release and gratitude. Plus evaluating truthfully what has worked, not worked, transmuting some beliefs that do me harm and are not needed.

This year felt different to most like the 2016 really did need to end. I have felt stuck like treacle in it. From a numerological point of view 2016 was globally a 9, to do with endings of the cycle, however I was in a personal year 1, so wanted to get started on things, but felt held back with what was happening globally. Thankfully now we are in a 1 and as the New Year was approaching I could feel the change, Yeepee. Or maybe I still needed to end some things I truthfully had not got down to do…some self belief crap that I really did not need.

As the New Year was approaching and Yule was over I started on some reiki projects I have wanted to do. I have wanted to attune a tool that I could use out and about to charge objects etc with reiki or attune trees and patches of land with reiki. Practically doing it the full blown way would be difficult so I wanted a tool. I have then started with my garden itself and other things round the area to create a more loving, cared for place. I do always ask permission first. It is a practise I want to develop.

Another learning that I have started into is tying up my shamanic work with reiki. Joining my skills together especially for clients and distant healing. This has worked well. The intention is to further my style. With any healing modality it is about how you work and intuit what is required and if it combines a few practises into one for a client then go for it.

Another aspect I have put a lot of effort in creatively this New Year, I was driven to do it, was to remake my vision board and have a real think of what I really want to bring in for me and my family. I was on a mission and aimed high. When complete I charged it up with reiki and did the same with my house, garden, healing room and self.

If you still want to do a vision board there is still time. Having a New Year only once a year should not stop you from that vision. It was just this New Year really did feel energetically like a new start for me.


Blessings Clare x


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