Reiki & The Importance of being earnest..

13th March 2017


Thank you to wrangler Jay Cassels.

The journey with reiki. The symbols have become more fluid as I have worked with reiki. They are more 3D or even 4D. Sometimes in a session other symbols will appear to be drawn onto the client. Horses to bring the clients ancestral energy into. Trees and plants have figured too in a symbolic fashion to bring their plant medicine and symbolism into the mix. The symbols are drawn with the mind’s eye as well as the hands, depending on the situation i.e. sitting on a bus or in privacy or you are working with the pure energy from source allowing it to take the forms it needs to be.

How does this relate to a journey? It’s about reiki fitting into every corner of your life. Working with the energy on practical solutions in a moment’s notice such as finding a lost item all the way to a deep healing session. There can be great preparation or a quick fix depending on circumstances. The energy is flexible, mutable and able to bring calm to a chaotic day. Our life is a journey through time and space and reiki flows along with it.

Our path ebbs and flows, sometimes reiki is in the distance on an ebb, when life is busy and then you are totally connected and in the flow.  This happens with clients too, some take to it and love the energy and others like it every now and then, sometimes the energy is subtle and other times it is knock you off your feet powerful.

Does it ebb and flow with the seasons or moon cycles? Yes but I ebb and flow the same. Reiki is part of me and I am part of it. It can take you on a journey of deep inner work or global unity linking in with others with the intent to create that ripple through time and space.

Is there a high and low aspect to reiki? The high for me was flinging open the door to recognising my guides, like a light switching on, suddenly I could communicate with them and see their personalities and gifts. The lows is that sometimes there seems no flow.

The journey is continuing and developing with new ideas how to work with reiki and I will enjoy every moment.


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