Reiki, science and medicine

15th September 2016


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Reiki, science and medicine

Thanks to wrangler Karen Sealey.

A healing journey that anyone takes has many faces and contributing factors such as support from family, breathing space, other practices such as prayer, meditation, crystals, conventional medicine, counselling, walking in nature, diet etc.. Plus the most important the act of the person and their healing desire. Therefore I cannot judge if reiki on its own reaches parts that conventional medicine cannot. However some of my observations with clients is that usually they come to reiki for well being or a specific issue, but they are very well informed it is part of a whole thing. Examples are infertility, depression, stress, despair, grief etc.

They usually already have the diagnosis if it is medical and are aware there may be other channels such as reiki that can help them or they come to just relax and take time out so any issues can be headed off at the pass or they have an emotional issue that does not require a diagnosis. Therefore it is all entwined with the whole experience which can be so different for each person at any one time. With many of my clients they feel a benefit and each session their energy systems to me have improved. They have a desire to change things for themselves and are inspired to listen to themselves. Whether conventional medicine is replaced is not within my realm to advice.

On a personal note there are some things I don’t think reiki could have solved medically but it was there to support me through a process. It goes hand in hand, creating a space I could relax and look at the issue from a bigger picture scenario. Then on the other hand I have psoriasis which medically no one can solve, so I don’t bother the doctors with it. Reiki gives me that support to strengthen my systems and hopefully reduce the effects. At the moment I am experimenting with diet, fasting, crystals and reiki to resolve this long standing battle.

Can reiki be incorporated into a medical practise and the answer is yes. There are many illnesses that would benefit from reiki as part of a whole view of the person. It should be prescribed the same as rest and sunshine, unless you are allergic to sunshine. It would improve toxic release, reduce side effects, promote a healing response, reduce stress and potentially speed up the healing process.

Can it do harm? Potentially in some situations by creating a healing situation before a bone has been set correctly, this is a situation when medical surgery is a most important and to defer any reiki to post-operative procedures. Another is when you are going against the wishes therefore always ask permission of the physical person as well as their higher self. There may be a requirement to not do reiki which as a practitioner I may not be aware of. There are also some conditions, which are similar to working with crystals such as high blood pressure, epilepsy, pace maker and avoiding the first semester of pregnancy, best avoided with reiki as can exacerbate or create complications. The importance of asking the questions on the consultation.

However I am looking at it from a post diagnosis point of view and not reiki as a preventative. If everyone was attuned to reiki and worked with the energy on self as a daily practise similar to other disciplines such as meditation or yoga, would there be less manifestations of physical illness or emotional despair. As a human race can we facilitate that focus on self-responsibility to be more attuned to our own energy systems and be able to listen to the subtle changes we need to make to live a fulfilling life or are illness and conditions part of you we are on our journey through life.

Blessings Clare

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