Crystal Therapy Certificate Year 1

Do you want to become an independant, fully qualified Crystal Therapy Practitioner? If so this course will enable you to do so. The course is 12 days and enables the student to become a practitioner in Crystal Therapy, to gain insurance and to register with professional bodies. The full course is recognised by Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council.

An overview of the syllabus is as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction to crystals

Learn and explain what is grounding and centering. How to cleanse crystals and why important, plus the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods. How to charge a crystal and the differing effects. How to attune to a crystal. How to programme a crystal. Learn self-healing techniques with crystals. The theories on crystal therapy and how to describe the process to a client or layman. The process to follow each time you work with crystals for self or clients. Learn simple layouts and grids such as the pyramid, seal of Solomon, plus others to assist grounding, healing and balance.

Module 2 – Crystallography

Learn and explain the Rock cycle and how crystals are formed. How and where crystals located and what are the differing methods of extraction or mining.  Learn techniques to work with the each crystal system. Learn about crystallography such as chemical composition and the Moh’s scale of hardness and how this relates to crystal therapy.  How are crystals modified and enhanced and how to determine this? Learn to complete a minimum of 5 Attunement sheets. Where to find and understand and operate within Health & Safety Guidelines. Learn the contra indications of crystal therapy.

Module 3 – Subtle Energy Systems of the Body

Learn about the whole subtle energy system and the relationship between each system. Learn about the chakra system such as the positions, functions and symptoms of imbalance of the chakras. Learn how to assess the chakras and methods of working with crystals. Learn about the aura and how to work with crystals to protect, clear and balance the aura. Learn about meridians, where they are located and what their correspondences and how to work with crystals with them.

Module 4 – Crystal Healing

Learn theories of crystal healing. Learn preparation techniques for the room, self and tools of crystal therapy. Learn guided visualisation techniques for clients. Learn different techniques for choosing crystals within a therapy session. Learn techniques to bring a client back to everyday consciousness and to give feedback. Learn the theories of crystal therapy and how to explain these to a client. Learn distant and self-healing techniques. Learn the requirements of record keeping and practise management & how to create a consultation form.

Module 5 – Practicalities of healing

Learn grounding and centring techniques for clients. Learn what a healing crisis is and how to deal with them. Learn relaxation techniques for clients and yourself. Learn space clearing and protecting methods for space and self.

Module 6 – Free Choice

This module is a free choice and revision module. The topics chosen by the group could include: Sacred geometry and crystals; Gem essences; Colour and crystals; Space setting and clearing with crystals; Energised sprays and creams with crystals.

Also part of the course are a Customer Care and a Health and Safety modules. There is home study required and these workbooks will form the portfolio that is required, plus case studies and a reflective journal.

Also if you will also need to gain an anatomy and physiology qualification, if you do not already have one, during the course in order to receive your licentiate certificate upon course completion.

The price of the course is: £780.00

A deposit of £100.00 secures your place. The balance of fees is due 2 weeks before the course commences. An instalment package can be arranged.

Please contact me for an application form.

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