Obsidian – transforming the shadow

15th February 2018

The energies from the full moon on the 31st January is still continuing  with transformation and today I was drawn to creating a personal grid to help me with that. Purification and bringing things to the surface that needs to be looked at and let go. Whether these are old beliefs, fears, regrets and doubts.

My favourite crystal for this is Obsidian and I have a few examples of this beautiful volcanic glass. If you ever get chance, go to Tenerife and visit the crater area. It is vast and strewn with Obsidian. Reason its there, is the volcano exploded with such force, shooting the lava into the air; the lava quickly cooled forming Obsidian, which then fell to the ground.



The centre of the grid is my heart in Rainbow Obsidian. Then starting from the North and circling clockwise the Obsidian’s are Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Spider Web Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, Apache Tear, Obsidian Arrow and Silver Sheen Obsidian.

They all share similar attributes. Obsidian brings the shadow into the light. What is the shadow? Our shadows are what we fear about ourselves, things that we have hidden from view, whether on purpose or not. Bringing these into the light allows them to be looked at, discerned and honoured. Why do we hide parts of ourselves? Social conditioning, trauma, incidents or beliefs that have been taught to us or learnt. We are responsible for questioning who we are, do our beliefs stand up to our own questioning and querying. We are also allowed to change our belief systems as we grow.  There is a global change of taking responsibility for our beliefs and obsidian can help with discerning who we truely are.

The Obsidian’s that contain rainbows, silvers, snowflakes or other colours, softens these effects. They bring in the light to replace what has been released and transformed. The grid is also surrounded by rosemary to help with the cleansing and remembering.

To link myself with the grid and to work with Obsidian on a personal level during the day I chose to wear a Snowflake Obsidian in a spiral cage. The cage allows me to change the crystal I am working with.



One of the first emotions I felt come through was anger. What is the source of the anger? I spent some reflective time working through memories back through my life and it came to loneliness. Each memory I released with love and allowed the pain of loneliness to be felt and honoured, as what I felt back then was true at the time but it has been manifesting into the present time as anger which is harmful to me or others if brought into a situation.

Its a good technique to work with. Start with an emotion you are feeling  at the moment or a recent situation that you want to work with. Look at the situation and a word or emotion may come through. Then work back to a previous similar situation, does the word or emotion change or say the same? Keep working back and allow the emotion to be released. Hold an Obsidian and breath through each situation. Be patient and loving with your self and see what the source is. Finally cleanse your self with a bath, grounding in earth, smudging or other form that you work with.

Blessings Clare