Musings of the Spine Of Albion

28th March 2022

Stratford-upon-Avon – September 2021

This was a weekend away with family, a city break is how the tourist industry would call it. I have never been to Stratford before however I had wanted to visit to suss out the Spine of Albion and the places it travels through.

During the Saturday we walked along the river taking in the sites, travelling down the river, visiting the sights and sounds of the town.

On the Sunday early in the morning I went and visited the Holy Trinity Church, walking there from my lodgings just up the road. Old cobbled streets and terraced houses under the gaze of the church. The church was locked so I walked round the outer perimeter feeling for the energies of Elen. I found her coming into the church at the South from the river side. The swans were swimming and eating the grass on the other side of the Avon, every now and then a rower would go past in the quiet of the morning. I had privacy so gently I meditated and found the edges of her line. I carried out my ceremony, a form of prayer and poetry to honour and remember the dragon lines. I left my offering of gratitude. Elen to me feels alike a gentle uplifting graceful energy.

Then I walked along the river, down to Lucy Mills Bridge to find where the new marina was being built, as the week before Gary Biltcliffe had posted that he had found the Elen line disturbed due to this new construction. The old meadow was being turned into a marina. I took in the view from where the old meadow would have started next to the stile and up the river to the Church, the construction site behind me.


On the way back to the church I went to look for the Belinus Line, however I noticed that the internal alarm was going off, maybe the energies had built up so much that the alarms were set off, hopefully in a good way. Walking around and along the avenue of trees that form the main entrance to the street, I noticed the church warden running up to investigate the alarm so I paused my task of looking for the Belinus line until another time.

I took a walk through the gardens that are situated next to the church yard, with great specimens of trees instead and the view down to the The Swan Theatre where the Belinus line goes through after this church.