Full Moon Mandala – 2nd January 2018

2nd January 2018

The moon was big on the 1st of January while coming home from a Setting of Intentions Ceremony. It was big and beautiful. The actual date and time for fullness was 2.27 am on the 2nd, but it was a supermoon and being low on the horizon before the rain clouds came was the best sight ever on that journey home.

Therefore after dinner with my family I created a crystal Full Moon mandala. I have been thinking of peace and calm and the mothering energies of Mary since Yuletime so it felt it needed to be full of love and loving crystals.

20180101_185256 (1)

The centre is a beautiful carved rose quartz skull. Surrounded by a circle of 11 rose quartz tumble stones. 11 being the number for 2018 and rose quartz is love.

This is further surrounded by a clear quartz flower of 11 large points, to expand the energies outwards and be full of love. The outer circle is made up of three crystals each numbering nine the goddess number. The three are Moonstone for intuition and moon energy of the subconscious. Strawberry quartz for love and gratitude and Emerald for the heart chakra and compassion and giving.

20180101_185317 (1)

This mandala has been sent for distant healing so is accessible to everyone who wants to tune in. This can be through meditation or to look at the picture. Enjoy.