Full Moon Mandala Meditation – 31st March 2018

30th March 2018

This is the second full moon of March, so is a blue moon.

Always when working towards creating a mandala for a specific event I become aware of signs and symbols. A few weeks ago I noticed a video of a dance of the orbit of Earth & Venus around the sun. My son & I were transfixed, it was beautiful. The orbits created a five petalled flower around the sun. That was the shape I would work with. You can easily find the video on You tube if you search ‘Venus & earth orbit dance’

In numerology 5 is about change, dynamic motion, independence, adventure, risk taking. It’s the senses, the elements combined in a pentagram. A very sensual number that can convey mystical teachings to the many. The mysteries can all be found in the interplay of the elements. Magical knowledge. It’s linked to Mercury and at the moment we are going through a Mercury retrograde, which can make communications go wild. At the moment I am waiting for wifi to come back online to be able to upload this article to my website. Being flexible and adaptable come to mind.

Plus coming up to the moon, I realised that this full moon is in Libra whose planet is Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

The mandala has been created with the orbits in quartz points to represent the sun and in tumble stones for the petals. In the centre is an Emerald. This is a special emerald as it was brought back from Colombia by my brother & his wife. Colombian emerald has a more bluish colouring and this one has been ethically mined. This signifies the heart and love. It is also attributed to the Goddess Venus. It soothes and heals the mind, body and spirit, bringing unity and compassion. It also promotes vision, psychic and intuitive vision, clairvoyance and discernment of one’s own truth. Allowing wisdom and clarity. Be aware of dreams, signs and symbols.



Take time to tune into the mandala and see what inspiration comes to you, enjoy.

The Goddess card chosen for this full moon is Sulis.



Thanks to ‘The Goddess Oracle’ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto

Sulis is a Celtic Goddess associated with the healing waters of Bath. Her name ‘Sul’ possibly means eye or sun. This infers that she is a solar goddess. If you can take a luxurious bath with the intention of healing around this full moon, then do this. Adding an emerald or a rose quartz to the bath if you have them to hand.

Within the meditation in the companion book to the cards is a moment when we can lie on an Emerald slab and meet Sulis. It’s a beautiful meditation and one that I will share via the video below.


Blessings Clare