Full Moon Mandala – January 31st 2018

31st January 2018

Hello beautiful people,

I woke up early inspired this morning to write. Inspired by the energies of the moon. The moon today is a Supermoon, Blood Moon and Blue Moon. Simply put it is transformation.

My inspirations coming up to this day has been nature. We are on the cusp of Imbolc, a Celtic fire festival to cleanse the winter dormancy and quicken into spring. In nature you will see early signs of growth and change. Snowdrops poking through the soil, birds chitting and chatting in the trees, a growing light, increased worm activity in the soil. What does this tell you? The worms tell us to release or manure not onto other people but release it for transformation by the Earth. The worms in the wet soils take the leaf mould and manure from the top, take it deep down in the soil, with the help of soil microbes to be digested and made into nutrients for the grass, trees and snowdrops and other spring flowers. The twigs released by the tress in the winds will become nesting material for birds. Take yourself into nature over the next few days and be transformed by the sights and sounds.

Also my inspiration was a Goddess card from the beautiful deck The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinky, illustrated by Hrana Janto.

The card pulled is Uzume, a shinto Japanese Goddess of the dawn, mirth and revelry. The tale told of her is when she helped the Sun Goddess Amaterasu emerge from her cave. Amaterasu took herself away into a cave as she was sad and hurt, which brought winter to the land. Everyone had tried unsuccessfully to coax her out, but she hid herself away. Then Uzume had an idea, she strode to stand in front of the cave and standing on a tub started making noise, dancing in a comedy fashion, being slap stick and bringing laughter to all those watching. Amaterasu became curious of the noise and gently brought herself out of the cave to watch. Slowly she joined in the laughter and began to be happy again. How does this tale inspire us?

Sometimes we get too close to the problem, when we are in the middle of a problem we cannot see a solution. Uzume created a distraction, this created space for Amaterasu to emerge from her sadness. Is there something that is playing on your mind? hurting you to watch? then its time you had a distraction. Go and see a funny film, a play, see a friend but try not to talk about the problem allow that space to pop a solution into your mind. Do you need to be the distraction for someone else? Do you need to take them out for the day? do something that will bring a smile to their face and forget their troubles for awhile?

Also do you need to ask for help? Sometimes we are too close or traditional methods are not working. Someone else could bring a different perspective on things, therefore ask for help. Have you had a whacky idea to the problem but think it is too wild to do, then go for it anyways, nothing to lose. Uzume had a different perspective on the problem, be inspired. She was creative.

Uzume is also relevant  this time of her, by bringing Amaterasu she brought spring to the land.



The mandala I have created for this full moon is shown below.



It has been inspired by the energies felt. It has carnelian spiralling in a anti-clockwise direction from the North, the place of winter. Carnelian is a beautiful orangy red crystals that supports the lower three chakras, the base, sacral and solar plexus. It brings energy and nurture to these chakras and in this context will help release what you need to release and transform.  What are you trying to control? what inner belief is not working for you? what are you fearful of? Emotions can run high at any full moon, but this moon being a supermoon (being close to the earth) and being the third in a row can make those emotions explode. This moon is about shedding those emotions. Have you a release valve that hurts people then find a different way to release, be inspired by Uzume. Laughter and drumming are good releases. Go to a laughter yoga or drumming session. Being a blood moon will bring what is hidden to the surface. Carnelian will bring the nourishment to help you shed the cause of those emotions. What you are feeling at the moment is a signal that change is required. With any transformation there are effects and it can cause tiredness or a sleeplessness buzzing energy. Either way go with that energy. Carnelian will help in either situation, giving you the support to ride the release. Carnelian is also associated with the fire element, which is energy, confidence, inner strength and cleansing.

The center of the mandala is a piece of charcoal. Gifted to me by my son as ‘I like natural objects’. Wow  I thought that is cool. Charcoal brings us warmth and is associated with fire, comfort, nourishment, but also charcoal is used as a filter, to cleanse water. Therefore so appropriate for this moon. Giving us nourishment, feeding our creative juices and cleansing our emotions.

Spiralling out of the mandala in a clockwise towards the East and dawn is Aventurine. A beautiful green crystal that allows the heart and thymus (higher heart) to open. It supports the opening up and being in your own heart space, cleansing the circulation, removing toxins and bringing optimism.  It brings a different insight to a problem, allows you to see from a different perspective. It brings calm, growth and prosperity.



To make space for new things, new adventures, new experiences, abundance, hope and happiness we need to make space. Whether practically with a declutter and spring clean, emotionally by shedding sadness and depression, or releasing control and going with the flow or stepping back from a situation to look at it from a different angle or changing abode to be somewhere safe. To make that space we need to release, we need to take responsibility for our own manure and allow the earth to literally transmute it into the nourishment that will feed our growth.

Over the next few days go into nature and be distracted by the sounds and sights and beauty around you. Allow yourself the space.

Here is a link to my video of the meditation linked to this mandala. It is about 20 mins long so take time out to listen. The key word is transformation. (video editing I am still learning so the first 20 secs can be skipped) Enjoy