Full Moon Mandala – 2nd March 2018

2nd March 2018

The full moon at this time started on the 1st March and peaked on the 2nd. The goddess card for this moon is Coatlicue an Aztec deity. The Earth Mother. Her name means Serpent Skirt as she has a skirt made of snakes and two snakes on her head. She created all that is. The moon  and the sun. She was destroyed giving birth to the sun. Death and rebirth, creation and destruction.



Thanks to ‘The Goddess Oracle’ by Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto

The theme for the mandala has taken inspiration from the snake. Snake energy is healing, shedding the old to make room for the new growth similar to how a snake sheds its skin, rebirth. The outer quartz circle is representing a snake eating its own tale or the Ouroborus. An ancient symbol representing the eternal cycle of life. The word means ‘tail’ & ‘eating’.  Also Coatlicue died to give birth to the sun. In many cultures there are similar tales and its apt for this time of year. It may not feel like it out doors with all this snow but we are entering spring and coming up soon is the Celtic festival of Eostre when the daylight hours become more than the night hours, the sun is reborn. Therefore take this time now to shed old redundant beliefs, emotions, acts, illnesses etc.

Look into your heart to learn how you want to grow. In the centre of the circle is a heart formed with rose quartz and strawberry quartz, both loving crystals. Be grateful for all the things you have learnt up to this point, good or bad. Honour each event as sacred to you, as that is your unique path, life. The old becomes the compost for growth, the space created from shedding allows new experiences. Choose what you want to fill this void up with, from love.

In the centre is turquoise, a beautiful sacred crystal that honours your warrior spirit and stimulates your thymus or higher heart. Be the warrior of your own path.



Here is the associated meditation which you can listen to.  Enjoy x

Blessed be Clare