How do crystals work within a healing session?

19th January 2018

I have been asked by a friend to describe how crystals work within a crystal healing session. It has been difficult to put into words as they work on many levels. The human being is made up of the physical flesh and blood, the biology we all know, but the physical is the smallest part of the whole. We are mainly space and flowing energy within our cells, between our cells & outside our cells. We have the five senses and as well as our body & mind constantly communicating with itself, giving feedback & reaction, we are also doing the same with the environment we live in, other people and the world we only dream about.

As well as the physical we have the human energy field. This in many cultures has been researched and different cultures have different methods of accessing & understanding it. We have Eastern philosophies to thank for this information. The Western philosophy may have been lost in the mists of time or in stories, but that is for another article. The systems from the Eastern philosophies can integrate and are the meridians from Chinese culture, the chakra system from Sanskrit culture and the aura from Yogic.



We are complicated and unique. We have many levels such as the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and to keep these all balanced & flowing requires practise. Energy needs to flow. How we interact with any situation, learn, behave and react can stop the energy flowing. When the energy flow is clogged it may cause depletion or heaviness. We are also dealing with increased environmental, social and technological pollutants, no wonder it can show up as a physical, emotional or mental dis-ease.
Crystals are naturally stable. They have a consistent lattice, structure, chemical composition, colour and energy (when you tune into them). They interact with all energy systems so a good foundation is to keep them cleansed. When they are cleansed each crystal has its own unique energy signature, so when placed on or around a person’s energy field they can bring it back into balance. This can be done by introducing or removing energy from the human energy field.

rose quartz sphere


For a techno person it’s like being disc cleaned and defragged. For a musician it’s tuning an instrument and playing a piece of music harmoniously. For an environmentalist it’s cleaning a river of all the litter & trapped debris to have free flowing clean river full of wildlife.



We are the last to be aware of how we have collected behaviours, beliefs, thoughts that crowd ourselves out. We carry burdens, hurts and regrets that weigh us down. This in turn affects our energy fields and in turn can create a mental or physical ailment. How it shows up to us is our feedback that there is something wrong on one of our levels that needs looking into. The medical world treats the symptoms, which is fantastic, but is there an underlying issue that still needs investigating. A crystal or other holistic session can delve into our energy being to bring about a fundamental change, clarity and understanding and release us from a continuing issue.

During a crystal session space is created for a client. A relaxed deeply protected and safe space. This allows the crystals to interact with the client’s energy field and I, as the practitioner holds that space and works with the crystals placing them, clearing energy, assessing energy and reading the energies so I can give feedback to the client. I work closely with my guides and the crystals to allow the clients inner being and helpers to bring about the shift required. I am honoured to be in that space.