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This is my blog..there will be short pieces of information scattered with observations and events that I will be attending, blessings Clare x

Fairs in Autumn 2016

I will be attending a few fairs in the coming months. they will be: 18th September 2016 at Swannington Village Hall in Leicestershire 23rd October 2016 at Lutterworth Town Hall 27th November 2016 at The Rothley Centre, Rothley 11th December 2016 at Groby Village Hall Hopefully see you there Blessings… Read More

Reiki & religion

Previous|Master|Next Reiki, Spirituality & Religion Thank you to the wrangler Joy Vernon. Mainstream religion is not part of my personal make up. My background was not to be indoctrinated into a religion. It was to be my choice at a later date. The only involvement was within what was happening… Read More

Magical Numbers

Master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44 I was asked once why are they master numbers? To tell you the truth I am unsure of the historical significance, but when working with them with crystals there is a different energy. It is more accentuated, opens up pathways and creates transitions. Then… Read More

20th July 2015 |  Posted in News

Wind Element

I pulled a card today The Wind from a fairy oracle set. What a day to pull it, the wind was whistling around my home, pulling us off our feet, blowing my son’s rainbow ribbon streamer horizontal in the street. I have mainly considered the wind as cleansing when it… Read More

Fairs, Fetes and Festivals 2015

I will be attending a few fairs around Leicester this year offering taster crystal healing in the choices of ‘meet your angel’, ‘chakra balance’ and ‘colour bath’. Come along and experience. The dates and details are 31st May at Birstall village hall; 14th June at Newton Linford at ‘The Linford’;… Read More

Workshops 2015

There are workshops booked in for 2015, have a look at the workshop page for details and see if anything resonates.


and welcome to my new website. If you have any questions, would like  additional information or you just want to leave a comment please use my contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible! And please check back here for regular updates!

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